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A trip to Fetishbound

Attended Fetishbound, the monthly BDSM night in London on the 12th of the month, as it was @Tykes birthday weekend, so we wanted to show up and surprise him and his pack.    ...

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Pupview : Pete’s Dragon

Pete’s Dragon was the first ever film I saw at the cinema with my mum back in 1977.  I was 4 years old, and she was heavily pregnant with my brother, and although I...

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Fetish Week London 2016

A few weekends ago, I visited FWL2016 and wanted to post up a review of the weekend again, which I really really enjoyed, even more so than last year.   I had decided to...

Great video

Found this really horny video tonight of a lad wanking over his blue Nike socks.   


New Puppy Towel @ Innerpup.uk

Have now added 3 coloured towels (White, Blue & Black) to the Innerpup site, each featuring the puppy tail logo.      Great for the gym, great as a reminder that this towel is...


Pup Palace

Went to Bristol at the weekend to celebrate the re-launch of the “The Palace”.    Jo, who took over and runs the Palace has done a lot for the local kink community, with themed...


Kingsbury Waterpark with @PupThunder

Bank holidays are always times to go wandering and exploring,  and I’d made sure I had booked a day in my diary to catch up with @pupthunder over the weekend for a pupventure.  ...


First post of 2016

I haven’t used my blog in ages and just logged in to discover I still have a few posts in draft with my review of BFM, and UK Leatherpride that took place in Bristol....