London Fetish Week (plans)

Its almost here, but we’ve only just finalised our plans for what we will be up to this weekend, so I thought I’d post up our thoughts (which may still be subject to final change!)

On Thursday, I will be in London solo, getting there around 9 and staying in the Holiday Inn Express but going to the Official Sports Kit party at the hoist from 10pm.     I’m tempted to wander to Eagle to see what their pup-play area is like for their Kink ‘Jocks’ night for a pint beforehand, but I think they’ll be charging to get in, so may just go straight to Hoist dependant on timing.

On Friday I’m around all daytime (although I have to transfer out of the Holiday Inn and into the Travelodge at some point) but am planning to meet up with Taz (when he arrives) and Darren (when he finishes work)  and Tony should get into London around 8pm.     Its likely we will just be hanging around the Eagle socially on Friday night for their Men Inc XXX night so come say hi!  I will try and make the Social in Soho and also meet up with @wolvesperv for cake!

Saturday daytime we’ll be making visits (and purchases) in Regulation and Expectations during the daytime and then heading over for birthday drinks with Superpup (Alex) and then onto the official Full Fetish party at the Coronet.  I’m praying that their queuing and bag check issues have been resolved this year (otherwise it will be the last we attend).

We will have a late breakfast/brunch on Sunday but then be heading back home afterwards as we both have work Monday.       It would be great to meet up with our friends and people we’ve chatted to but not met if you are around at all over the weekend, so please message/tweet and we can arrange to meet up.    Have a good weekend everyone!

RIP Sassy. 1993-2015

I’ve been pretty down over the last couple of weeks after the passing of my trusty bio-pup Sassy. She’s been part of mine and Tony’s life since we moved in together over 10 years ago. I didn’t really realise how much though, until she’s now gone. So, I wanted to write a little bit about it and how I’ve realised she made me feel. It’s taken me about 3 weeks reading over this post, and re-reading to finally decide to post it, but it was my feelings about being a kink pup myself and my relationship with her that made me think I should post it, just to see if this is a common feeling and if the impact of how it made me feel doesn’t make anyone feel the same.

IMG_8014We got Sassy as a rescue dog from Dogs Trust over in Liverpool, and although we hadn’t planned on getting a dog, after we went with friends to look, we knew straight away that we wanted her after seeing her sat in that cage. People say rescues always make the best pets, and I’ve always loved rotties, finding them to be the most faithful of dogs. I always wanted a dog as a kid too, but as family we had cats, lots of them one after another.

When we got her she needed loads of exercise and she was walked daily in the woods at the top of the road, but as she got older she started to have hip and back problems (a trait of rotties apparently) and a small operation and water therapy was required (which she hated, except for the drying part!). She was then put onto Loxicom, which is an anti-inflammatory, and until the last 6 months still enjoyed daily walks. She has been part of our lives together for over 10 years.

IMG_8518When we stopped walking her, I really missed going out without her. It was just one of those things we did together, and that walking without her now always seems like a bit of wasted walk. She was never a water-based dog, but I enjoyed teasing her and trying to get her to play in streams.

About a month or so ago she fell whilst trying to get up the stairs, and became lame on her back left leg. After a scan at the vets to see if there was a break, we were told the worse news that her knees had cancer and that things were probably not going to be get any better for her. We kept her comfortable for the last month or so, and although she had managed to still limp in and out to go the toilet and didn’t seem in too much pain (on her pain meds), but when she then couldn’t get up at all we knew that we had to do the right thing.
The vets were great, and they came out to the house to put her to sleep, and tony and I cuddled her (both crying our eyes out) whilst she gently passed away, but making that final decision and watching her sit there all happy because we had visitors in the house, she seemed blissfully unaware of any pain, which I’m happy about. We then wrapped her up carefully (along with her favourite toys and little pillow she used to lie on) and laid her to rest at the bottom of the garden, and planted a tree in her memory.

IMG_7594A few weeks have passed now to get over the grief in it all, but I still miss her so much. She was a companion that was always there, and I’ve also realised that a lot of my pup head-space and interaction with other pup comes from my interactions and experience I have had with her. I really got into pup play about 2 years ago, but my interactions with her span back 10 years. All those interactions were being pre-programmed into me from my interactions with her. I always cuddled her, played with her, teased her, and loved her. She was there at the end of the day with a pleased face when I got in, even when I was coming back to an empty house and she had spent the day wandering around the garden. If she wanted something, she’d quietly approach and just put her head on your knee and give you her puppy dog eyes. She’d raise her paw for you if you asked her to, and sometimes if you ignored what she wanted you’d get the paw off her too.

IMG_5482Now, when I get in (and Tony’s away) and its quiet, and I’m left with my own thoughts rather than chatting away or playing with her. It all seems very odd, and I’m definitely pining for her. But she wont be back, and all I can do is be thankful for having her be such a big part of my life and hope that at some point we’ll be ready to have another bio-dog join our pack for me to love.

Chastity Review – Mystim Public Enemy 2

If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know that I have a strange inquisition of chastity.   We bought a metal chastity device for the playroom a few years back and although it can be used for short term sessions, it’s not practical for longer term use.   Ive also played around with the Skinflex cock cage I reviewed a while ago, and this isnt lockable but does give the feeling of being restrained.

Public Enemy #2 device being worn
Public Enemy #2 device being worn

I saw the MPE2 advertised and its the first chastity device that I’d seen with e-stim built into the device.  Being very into electro, i thought this was a win win situation!    The wonderful guys at Kinsters had this in stock, so at the MRM6 event, I picked one up at their stall.     I then had a willing victim, ahem I mean pup in the form of @tazipup to test it on.  I’ve also used the device on myself too (for a day)  to see what it feels like for practical review purposed obviously 😉

The packaging around the device is lovely.  It comes in a leather style case,  with a metal lock,  some numbered locks and labels inside.    It really looks the business and would make an ideal present for someone.  Make sure you keep all the parts in it.  I managed to lose the locking pin after its first use during MRM6.   I messaged Mystim though who are a German based company and they kindly send me a replacement pin totally free of charge.   That’s the sign of excellent service!

IMG_2486The instructions and the number of parts that are in the box at first make it look quite confusing on how everything fits together, but after you’ve managed it once, it all makes good sense really.     At first there is the cock-ring piece, which made out of thick black plastic and seems firm enough, and can go round the base of the cock and be adjusted to a size that is tight enough to not come off, but be comfortable.     Its quite a light piece of kit, so it shouldn’t pull down on the cock too much when fitted.     Once the right size has been found, then a plastic piece with a black peg clicks into place and then stops the ring from being opened (a lot like handcuffs really).

IMG_2490Now, you can  slide the plastic sheath over your cock and attach it to the base piece, however there are also 3 spacers provided that can attach the base piece to make sure the sheath is at a correct spacing away from the shaft and balls.   Again, this is good for comfort and makes sure that the balls (which sit outside of the sheath) do not get pinched too much.   The sheath piece is locked on with a nice solid metal lock, or with one of the provided plastic locks.  There is also room on the locking piece to insert a small piece of card that then acts as a label or a “property of….” moniker underneath the plastic that cannot be accessed.

In terms of long term wear, I haven’t done this to see how comfortable it would be, however its the comfiest fitting device I have.   Because the sheath is solid plastic however it does give you a noticeable bulge in loose fitting clothes, so this would prohibit me from wearing it to work or the gym for example.

The inside of the sheath piece has 3 electrode plates made of rubber, (left base, right base and below cock) and they go through the sheath so that the electrodes can be attached onto the outside on the sheath for the 3 plates.    The box contains a wire to attach to 2 of these plates, although the fitting at the end did not match my e-stim box that I already had, and must be for their own mystim products.    This was not a problem, as the connectors into the sheath are standard 2mm poles, and I had a lead for this, however it made me want more as there are 4 possible connection points.    But whats the 4th connection point?

IMG_2488 Well, there is also a rubber sound that can be placed in the end of the sheath with the sound going into the tip of the penis, which then means you can electro the length of the penis when in the sheath.   I did find the sound was a little bit too small though.   My test subject and I are pretty big when hard, but in chastity, they’re designed so that your cock remains soft, and therefore i found the shaft a little too long, and the sound a little too short at times.  In practice on both my subject and I, what tends to happen is that the sound falls out and then touches the foreskin, causing more of a zapping or pain sensation than the intended muscle contraction you get with a larger contact area.       If I was the designer for MPE3, then I’d include a selection of longer rubber sound ends.       You cant leave the sounds in a subject for a long extended period of time, as they have to go and pee at some point, so the sound can be removed from the outside by squeezing, but then its difficult to get it back into the device and into the cock again afterwards if theyve gone flacid.

IMG_2493When semi hard however, the sheath is brilliant.  It stops you getting fully hard and also allows for an alpha or Sir to torment with electro work too.      The electo feels brilliant, especially electro using the sound which gets you harder but your cock cant expand.   I’d seriously tie up a subject and use this on them as if using this on full power at times I wanted to tear it off!

Item Reviewed :

Mystim Public Enemy 2

Price :


Purchased From :


Rating :

8 out of 10


  • Chastity & Electro contacts in one device
  • Very well constructed and presented in a great case
  • Very light and attached very well with its handcuff style cockring
  • You may need leads for your relevant electro device
  • The electro sound is a little smaller than I think it should be, but you can always use your own longer one 😉


In short, I’m not sure I’d wear this out and about and at work, but for long weekend sessions its perfect and great in the playroom too when restrained in a sleepsack or suspended.


Twitter now private

In case you were wondering, I’ve taken down the feed on the right hand side of the website to my twitter stream, as it didn’t work once I made my Twitter profile private.

I’d always left it open, and only closed the account when I got a few idiotic followers or messages, but I’ve decided to keep it permanently closed now so that only followers can see my tweets.

twitterI’m amazed that my profile currently has 1,500 followers on it, so I must be putting up stuff there that’s worth following, but I want to make sure that I protect myself from idiots as much as possible in this social land of kink.

If you’re reading this please follow me @pupzalo on there, and add me.

MRM6 – Manchester Rubber Men Weekend 6 (2015)

MRW Advert What a weekend.  This was my first MRM event organised by the amazing team and Slyhands at , and I very luckily got to spend most of it with @tazipup – having 2 leather Sirs, means I don’t normally frequent the rubber events, but it was still nice to see a lot of leather-men participating in the events around town as part of MRM6, after the dress code was relaxed.

My Friday started with arriving in Manchester after work and meeting Tazi who had offered to let me stay as I needed at the apartment he had rented over the weekend at Roomzzz.  I can highly recommend this place, as its a stones-throw away from Canal street, and was just up the road from both main venues.       Taz had already arrived and unpacked and the room had a nice smell of rubber before I opened up my large bag of every rubber item that I own!         After a quick shower and a bite to eat, it was time to get changed into my first set of rubber for the weekend to head over to the REM to meet Sirs and then onto Alert!   We were both in our skin gear for the first night, and it was my first outing of the rubber jeans I had bought from Latex101, which I love as they have pockets! Something of a rarity when wearing rubber.

The REM was full when we got there, but it was great to meet up with our friends and also meet a few new people for the first time.  Alert! had the forethought to open earlier at 10pm, and this meant far less problems in the cloakroom department than last year.  An email to everyone asking them to prepare also helped reduce the queue for bag-checking.   The event wasn’t as busy as I remember the year before being, so it was good to have a little bit of breathing room, but that may just have been because of the reduced queueing that was going on around the entrance.      The music was great as usual, and with loads of free shots available at the door, it was a great start to the weekend.    Sirs headed home around 1, but me and Tazi stayed out partying till around 3, then headed back to the apartment.

I was a very lucky pup the following morning, as I realised just how much I had had to drink the previous night with a severe case of bangy-head syndrome.   Fortunately paracetamol and bacon sarnies cooked on the stove by Taz sorted me out, and we got ready into our pup gear to go and meet Sirs in the Sackville Lounge for the markets and “Pup Pound”.     A corner of the sackville had padded flooring down,  a cage, and a plethora of toys to play with, and after a drink and settling in a bit (a few nuzzles were had first with Sirs as I was still suffering) we hit the marketplace first.

Tazipup proudly wearing new bone gag from Dogs Bollox
Tazipup proudly wearing new bone gag from Dogs Bollox

There were 3 or 4 vendors downstairs, including Latex101, the Kinksters and The Dogs Bollox.     The lovely Neil Page was set up down there too to take photos of people on behalf of the lovely Invincible Rubber.       The 1st purchase down there was of a puppy bone gag that I tried on Taz that he looked adorable in.  I couldn’t resist buying it there and then, after seeing him in it – I should have shopped around given that the Kinksters had the same gags on their store for the same price, but it was an impulse purchase for obvious reasons when you look at the adorable pic he then had taken at the Invincible stand.

Public Enemy #2 device being worn
Public Enemy #2 device being worn

My 2nd purchase of the day had already been planned before getting there, and I picked up the electro chastity device I had preordered from the Kinksters and said hello to Dave and Mylo on the stall.    I’ll post a review of when I’ve used this some more (and on myself) because I’ve only tormented Tazi with it later on that evening before we headed out for the night-time 😉

We then headed upstairs after packing the purchases away so that we could use the pup space that had been provided.    I don’t remember there being that many pups that came and played in the space.    I soon got completely into headspace and was just happy investigating the toys and being used for what was like a game of buckaroo, aptly I called Puparoo!     We played with Pup Barclay, and Pup Echo but as the bar started to get really busy for Sister Jacqui’s porno bingo at 3pm, we headed back to sofas and then got our eyes down for the first round.        The bingo was a little disorganised to start, and it didn’t actually start until around 4.15pm but there was no rush I suppose.    After the 1st round though Sirs stomachs had obviously started to feel hungry and so we were then dragged out to go and get something to eat with the gang.     We’d met up with the lovely Tyke and @kinkbikerlad too, so a gang of us headed to an all-you-can-eat buffet  for an hour to binge.

The gang at the all you can eat buffet
The gang at the all you can eat buffet

After the buffet, Sirs went back home but I headed back to the apartment with Taz to check out the previously mentioned chastity device,  and to utilise the bedframe for some rope bondage time.    I had intended to have a bit of a kip but time passed quickly and it was soon time to get ready for DarkCell.

IMG_2103We’d arranged to meet up with Moodybear and some other friends in the Eagle beforehand, before all heading to the event together in our rubber.   It was good to be able to walk around Canal street in rubber gear, in my case my full pup gear and be with other people doing the same.

Tazi playing what can only be described as Puparoo!
Tazi playing what can only be described as Puparoo!

Billed as the the main event of the MRM weekend, the event was taking place in the Bangkok Bar andRestaurant on Princess Street.    I hadn’t really expected much from an event to be held in a restaurant, but boy how wrong could I have been – and someone definitely did their homework in finding that place and holding a fetish event there.

**I had hoped that there would be some pics posted of the event I could include in the post, but as yet no event pictures have been published so I will add these at a later date should they appear.

A large private reception area had no queue to hand in your ticket, then led to a large bar area.   Although it did resemble some of the fetish events held in hotel function rooms, the team had done their best to put up cargo netting and make sure all the TV screens were showing rubber based porn (which certainly set the mood for the event!)    Down to the left and a few steps was a second bar and the cloak-room facilities, all manned by volunteers who had given up their time to make sure everyone’s night was enjoyable.    It was nice to see Lanx there as one of the volunteers, but a pity he didn’t get chance to go and enjoy the evening.

The bar led to a dancefloor area, with one part covered in netting, which was meant to look like  a maze or darkroom area, but you could plainly see through the netting, so i didn’t see many people actually go in there and use the area.    Then behind that, the dancefloor area had a great set of DJ’s playing more hardcore dance music.    This was definitely more to my taste than the eclectic mixes that are played in Alert, but I don’t recall staying around the dance floor area a great deal.

Behind the dancefloor area was a demo room, filled with equipment for people to to try out.  The most popular feature of all was a rubber vaccuum cube where you could get inside, and then after the vacuum was appied, you were rotated.  It looked hot as hell but the queue was always long all night but hats off to the guys who were willing to demo that and anyone that got into it would have had an experience they wont forget in a hurry (albeit a short one, coz i’d love to have something like that in the playroom and be kept in it for hours!)

There were a good set of flogging sessions going on too, with people getting an opportunity to use their skills.    There was also a basement area, which was surprising to see and was laid out into 4 nice smallish rooms, with a shower for piss scene, some slings, large tyre (because it was a rubber event I assume), and cruising area.   The only small criticism was that it was in no way a dark room as the lighting down there was higher than in the main bar area, which spoilt the atmosphere a bit, but was probably done on grounds of health and safety given the layout.

It was pretty late when we left, and the following morning we managed to have breakfast in the Tea Rooms, before I headed back to spend the afternoon with Darren before he headed back home.     MRM6 was my first but definitely wont be the last event I attend, and thanks again to Taz for letting me stay and enjoy it right in the centre of it all.


Chastity Review – Skinflex Cock Cage

Available in blue
Available in blue

2Ok, Ill be honest : Chastity intrigues me.    The thought of someone else having control over your dick, and the fact that you cant relieve yourself without their say-so and them being in control is a total power turn on.    I do however have large reservations on how long I could last or the fact it would probably drive me mental if I was in it.  The cost of chastity devices isn’t cheap, and finding one that fits and  is comfortable to wear, all present problems when thinking of just trying it.   So how do you trial it, without the expense or a formal fitting? I was happy when I saw the latest ad from Fort Troff and their sale of the “Skinflex Cock Cage”.     A TPR based cover, the cage looks like a chastity cage but is 1 solid mould of rubber which fits over your cock like a cock-ring, allowing your balls to pass through, and then a solid rubber shaft allowing your cock to sit in the shaft.  The 2 pics of the device looked great and it is available in multiple colours too (white, red, blue and black). Wearing Cock CageThe cage itself is very comfortable to wear, and like many cock-rings, chaffing can be avoided with a bit of lube (silicone seems better as it does not dry out as quickly as water based lube).   On trying to put it on though, around my balls, the 1st one that I had snapped straight away as it was stretched.    This can happen with TPR devices where the mould itself joins rubber, and as can be seen there is a seam

Split at the seam
Split at the seam

beneath the ball hole that probably very misplaced in the design as its the part you need to stretch the most to get it over your balls. Fortunately I had ordered mine from Fort Troff, so when i tweeted that the device hadn’t lasted long, they immediately dispatched me a replacement, which is why I cant really fault the amazing service I’ve always received from the boys over at the Troff (and I still remember the time that the horny bearded guy sat on my face whilst demonstrating sling springs at IML – woof!)  The guys at customs and UPS still stung me for another import duty amount though… Anyway,  so the 2nd device I’ve had still has the seam but ive been a lot more careful with it when using it.      So far, I’ve worn it for a few hours and not done any long term use of it (although I plan to, and to challenge myself in how long I can stay in it).   When on, it can be

The device can still cause a nice bulge to be visible
The device can still cause a nice bulge to be visible

worn under the clothes fairly discreetly.   If you are wearing thin shorts, then I think you’ll have a good bulge, but under jeans you cant really notice it when your cock is flacid, as the device is flexible enough to bend to the side. The hole means you can piss quite easily through it too, although I’d recommend sitting down, as dependent on the force of your stream, it can spray out at quite a pace!      Washing with it on is also fairly easy, although i found that because its black you cant really see how clean it is inside when washing, but as it isnt locked you can quickly stretch it and have a look. I couldn’t get properly hard whilst wearing it.  Although there is some flex to the rubber, and you can feel yourself grow, the curve in the rubber and the pressure mean that you soon fill the inside and you are restrained.

Item Reviewed :

Skinflex Cock Cage

Price :

$49 (around £33)

Purchased From :

Fort Troff

Rating :

6 out of 10


  • Cheaper device to try out chastity on your own terms
  • Comfortable to wear for longer periods
  • More flexible as a rubber device than a plastic cage
  • Not lockable
  • Quality of the mould is poor, so be careful stretching around balls (1 replacement)
  • No longer stocked at Fort Troff (maybe because of the quality issue)

So in conclusion, I’d recommend the device if you just want to self-try what it would feel like to be in chastity.     Its a good looking device to be worn when wearing rubber too, but be very careful when using it as I still have concerns on how reliable it will be over time. **UPDATE** These are now being stocked under the Oxballs brand name and are available in the UK from the Kinksters website.  Follow this link : 

Life in the old dog yet…

I’ve now reached the grand old age of 42.  The answer to life, the universe and everything if the “guide” is to be believed, but it certainly feels like I am still making my way through learning new things even at this grand old age, and I certainly don’t feel that old, even though my body decides to remind me that I am on a regular basis.

I really am enjoying life though at the moment.    I’m really looking forward to seeing my Sir @deadliftbear at the weekend, and also spending another weekend getting to know my new beta pup @tazipup. I am loving getting to explore pupdom a lot more with him and several other pup friends.  I’m new at this alpha role that I’ve firmly placed myself in (so even I need some training!) but I am hoping that I live up to the role as best I can, and know that I want to look after other pups.

I’ve sat by and watched the feed from the last couple of weeks from @themoodybear on his trip across the waters to visit his Siriuspack.   Having read their site and the huge content of information that exists on it, I can only hope that I could try and create a pack of pups that are like that in attitude and help shape the pup community over here in the UK.    The wealth of information though on their site had been a complete eye-opener for me, and I am still digesting it all, but it is really educational about pup play.

We’ve got a few events planned in the diary for this year now, including Manchester Rubber Weekend at the end of March,  a trip to Seatle in June, and Folsom Berlin in September.    We’d love to meet up with as many people as possible during our trips so let us know if you are around.

Anyway, this pup has stuff to do in prep for the weekend…


A quick update

The year is already in full flow, and I cant believe we’re already in February.    Ive been to quite a few events too, but havent had a chance to write full event reports, so I thought I’d just write a quick diary update about this years goings on so far.

Playing with Sir and another pup
Playing with Sir and another pup

We first attended Mancsbound (January) and I got to pup out here with 1 other pup who was at the venue and also watch as both my Sirs got to tie up and torment a friend of ours to a table.   I didn’t get bound this time, which was a shame, but we had a really good night here.

We then attended the Pup Social the week after on the 24th, and although we couldn’t make the entire weekend, we managed to make from 3pm to 7pm on the Saturday afternoon at Boltz.    There were loads of pups there, and is the biggest pup gathering ive attended to date, and I got to

Playing with lots of pups & Xanto
Playing with lots of pups & Xanto

play with lots of pups and thoroughly enjoyed myself, including getting to spend some more time with Xanto, and also a bit of time admiring his handler Red Skull who I really only met face to face for the first time at the event.     We are definitely going back for their March event 27th-29th and staying over this time, so if anyone wants to join in, let me know.

Playing in the pup room @ KINK
Playing in the pup room @ KINK

And we attended the KINK night put on by the Kinksters the weekend after this.    Again, this was a great night, and getting busier as more people find out about the night and Townhouse venue in Birkenhead.   I was just with  Tony this time and the crowd was more varied so he got to play with a submissive daddy, and I got to hang out with pups in the play-space.     My new favourite game is pass the toy (without dropping). I did manage to put a small hole in my rubber suit, which I’ll need to get repaired, and left without actually playing with anyone (except maybe counting getting to tie Lanxpup to the rack and lick and snog him) – but I definitely need to pre-agree playing with people more at this excellent venue, as I totally wanna strap a sub into the wheel and torment the life out of them when we go to the next one in May.

So we are into February already (this year is going fast) and we are off to Brum in a couple of weeks for Midsbears and a visit to Boltz so that should be fun too for the weekend of 20th/21st…

Rope club & Ladies

We started the new year off by attending a “rope tying” event at Townhouse.     We’ve attended Townhouse for the Kink nights organised by the Kinksters, which are male only nights in a fantastic sex-club venue.    Townhouse itself is located just outside Birkenhead, but in a quiet area, and the BDSM facilities in there are great.    Its run as a straight sex club, with some good themed nights (you’ll find more on Fetlife if you look), and at the last Kink event, Sir was talking to the owner who mentioned to him that if he was interested in rope he should attend this event in the new year as they would have a Shibari master there.

We didn’t really know what to expect when we turned up but the venue was very very busy with a lot of straight couples and  singles all checking into the venue.  I decided that i’d just go along with the flow of things as Sir really wanted a model to practice rope work on, and that was my role for the day.     I’d taken my pup gear with me and was wearing my neoprene underneath a set of trackie bottoms and my puppy t-shirt.      The event organisers were really friendly.  They spotted immediately that we were new to the event (which turns out runs monthly) and came over and introduced  themselves.   We were the only gays in the village at the event, so we weren’t difficult to spot, but the people attending were really really friendly and it was great to see how well they all got on, and how social it was.

The organiser started to split people up into groups, ranging from beginners and newbies to the event through to experienced people.   It was at this point I felt we shouldn’t really go in the beginners group as Sir is a lot more experienced than he realises in terms of his tying.   However, when they started asking if he knew how to tie certain knots, the terminology was alien to him, so we decided to go into the beginners group.   We were all ushered to a big room on the top floor of Townhouse where we all sat down and a few of the people who had been attending for a while started to demonstrate basic knots.

It was at this point that something I had joked about in the car on the way to the venue actually happened.    Because it was going to be a mixed event, in a venue near where I grew up, I had joked on the way there about awkwardly bumping into someone I knew from where I worked or family.    As it turns out the aunt of one of my godchildren was in the room with us, and as we introduced ourselves around in a group, she loudly proclaimed “oh my, you’re Brian and Tony!”.    It was awkward, but a few facebook messages later after the event, I think we agreed that the 1st rule of Ropeclub is that we wont speak about Ropeclub, and what goes on in Townhouse will stay in Townhouse!

A few people didn’t have rope, so Tony offered some of his and then after the demonstration of the first knot, then asked a question about some other knots that were easier to tie, and demonstrated them.    It was at this point that the person demonstrating asked Tony what the hell he was doing in this beginners group, and we got politely evicted to go and join the intermediate groups on the lower floor.

On arrival downstairs, the guy running the group and Tony got some one on one time to discuss his experience, and Tony used me to demonstrate the rope cage.   So I was fully roped up, from top to bottom  in the middle of the room whilst Tony then proceeded to help another couple.     I laughed at how Sir had such an aversion to touching the girl’s breast who was being tied up, as he showed the couple how the knots were tied.  Given that we were in the middle of a sex club, during the day, with women, its amazing how out of our comfort zones we both were at times.    We had to leave as it got to early evening, and I had no idea what happened during the event as the evening got later, as if its anything like Kink, people’s inhibitions disappear and they start to play, and I’m not sure if we were ready for that.

I couldn’t find my pup headspace during the day.  I’d love to go back into that environment with some other pups as I think they’d be receptive to pups being there, but even just being tied up and helpless in a room full of women felt very strange.   Its definitely something I realise is outside my comfort zone that I’m intrigued to follow up though, and there were some cute single bi guys in the group, I hope turn up to Kink at some point, so I can say hello properly :)





Xmas and New Year in Berlin

We spent Christmas day and New Year in Berlin this year, for a total change to our holiday,    It was nice to have a long break of a week, and also nice to experience Berlin at a different time of year.

We stayed in the Quentin Design Hotel, located right next door to Gear, so in the heart of the gay district.   Its a nicely designed hotel, although I think it may be our last stay here, as this visit cemented that renting an apartment gives you a little bit more freedom whilst in Berlin,  and a weeks stay is a lot of meals and eating out to plan.    Although I love the hotel, the cleaning service over Christmas and the care and attention to detail was a little lacking.

What I envisaged would be a weeks kink-fest actually turned into a quieter more serene and peaceful holiday break.     Lots of places had weird opening times over this week, but we mainly frequented Prinznecht (which was decorated superbly over Christmas, and very much in line with the festive spirit), Woof!, Scheune and New Action. A sports kit party on Scheune was interesting when a group of 6 Australian rugby guys turned up in rugby kit.    We spent our NYE in New Action dressed in our Kink gear, but it was a lot quieter than previously during the week.       We didn’t get chance to go to Mutschmanns, Quaelgeist, or Connections.  But I think a lot of the time, the mood just wasn’t there to play, so we had a quiet relaxing holiday instead.

Berlin is really pretty with its Christmas markets on the main high street, and the snow that we had on Boxing day made Berlin feel like a real magical place.        I think I may be done with the city itself now, in terms of places I haven’t explored, but we have rebooked our flights and tickets for Folsom in September 2015, and booked our usual 8 person apartment, so I’m looking forward to exploring the kink and nice side of Berlin with friends again later in the year.