New Puppy Towel @

puptowelHave now added 3 coloured towels (White, Blue & Black) to the Innerpup site, each featuring the puppy tail logo.      Great for the gym, great as a reminder that this towel is for the pup,  so that those messes puppy generally gets all over him can be cleaned off!

To celebrate the new product launch, you can currently get free standard delivery if you order 2 products off the site, by entering code TWOWOO at checkout.  This offer is only valid until end of 1st May.

Let me have your feedback, and any other ideas for puppy based products you’d like to see.

Pup Palace

Went to Bristol at the weekend to celebrate the re-launch of the “The Palace”.    Jo, who took over and runs the Palace has done a lot for the local kink community, with themed nights encompassing all parts of the gay-scene.   This was their first solo pup event being run, so I really wanted to support it, following the excellent pup event that she hosted as part of the Leather weekend event back in 2015. (I realise that I haven’t actually posted a review of that weekend on here yet, but I will try my best to go back at some point and post up old content this month)


Pup Thunder and I got there just after noon, and although the venue is small, its ideal for a pup event.   The bar had a set of mats provided by PuppyPride, and had a large banner displayed in the corner from the group.  It was just a real shame no-one at all from there actually showed to support the event this time.   The event runs from 12 noon thru to 4pm.  There were also some toys for pups to play with, and a variety of treats (including chocolate buttons, and skittles!)   SWRM (The SouthWest Rubber Meet) was scheduled from 4-8, so rubber pups had a second event to stay on for too, and then the official re-launch night of the palace was taking place.

I decided to go to the event with Thunder and make a weekend of it, by staying over in the Future Inns Hotel, which is ideally placed for quick access to the row of gay bars in Bristols city centre.   Totally love spending time with my puppy bro, and going to events together, which is good when the two of us don’t have a handler taking us.
IMG_9478The event itself was great fun, with Thunder and I having a lot of fun on the uneven floor, and Pup Spyke joined us for lots of pouncing.  Later in the afternoon we were also joined by GimpSkin and Sskinhead who it was great to catch up with.


My highlights of playing included managing to chew out the squeeker from one of the toys provided and then annoying everyone as I kept it in my mouth and blew it all the time, and then getting to chew and steal Thunders trainer and sock.       Lots of cuddles and pouncing was had by all, and there is a great video (I’ll see if I can hyperlink it here at some point, on the SWRM facebook page).


We left just after 4’ish when some of the SWRM guys started to appear so we could get something to eat and to meet up with Connor for the first time.  He’s a shy pup, who cant yet get into the bar scene until he turns 18 next year.   We ate in Zizzi (pup had a craving for Lasagne!), where I can highly recommend the meat Calzone pizza (and Tirimasu!), and later in the evening we headed back where the bar was a lot more busy.

The palace has opened “The Gin Palace” in the back bar area, which is a nice chilled out area for gin lovers, with some local gins available.   And on the night, Jo had booked La Voix, and Danny Beard, who together put on a great evening and really rocked the small venue, but when you’re dancing on the bars, you know the evening is a good one!         I decided to put on my hood again in the evening, which was great fun, and even got to wave around a glow-stick.


Had such another pawesome weekend with Thunder, who got some quality pup play time, and looks totally amazing in his gear.     Such a cute puppy, and had several people comment on how cute he is.

Am looking forward to going back to their 2nd event, which is booked in for June 4th,  watch this space as I may decide to organise a mass pup trip to Bristol for the weekend for those interested…

Kingsbury Waterpark with @PupThunder

Bank holidays are always times to go wandering and exploring,  and I’d made sure I had booked a day in my diary to catch up with @pupthunder over the weekend for a pupventure.   We decided to go to Kingsbury Waterpark in Brum for walkies together.    Without handlers we could go exploring where we wanted, and there are lots of paths off the beaten track where we had opportunity to hood up and take some nice pics in the glorious sunshine that kept making a brief appearance.


We got chance to wear our hoods, although Thunder is a lot bolder than I am, although my hood is a lot hotter in the sun too!   There were plenty of pathways to go off and explore, and we managed to avoid the rising waters from the previous nights flooding.   I’d definitely go and explore this park again in nice weather and theres also a train ride that needs to be explored at some point!

First post of 2016

I haven’t used my blog in ages and just logged in to discover I still have a few posts in draft with my review of BFM, and UK Leatherpride that took place in Bristol.     In the last 6 months since my blog post I’ve also attended a few more Pup Social events (including the Sheffield Ignite event) and the new Kennel Klub event in Manchester, so I’ll try and post up some content over the next couple of weeks now my spare time is beginning to free up.

Pup Social 2.5 (September) Review

I’ve been putting off writing a review of the PS (Pup Social) for a whilst now, as I wanted to attend one through the entire weekend to get to grip with how the entire event plays out.    Each PS weekend runs from Friday evening through to Sunday morning,  and usually I’ve attended 3 of them but just on the Saturday only, but there is a lot to be gained by spending the entire weekend at the social.

The event was started by Bossbear and his pack, and in a venue ideal for the space required for pups to play.     Boltz in Birmingham, has a large upstairs area, for which  the PS team bought mats and pup play equipment to fill for each event.     The matting is extremely good and soft, and there’s also a DJ for music, a large pup bed and a set of smaller individual pup beds (useful for tired old dogs like me).      Theres overhead projector, DJ and lasers set up too, to recreate a night-club feel to the main pup room.     Theres also a large playbox of toys (both used and new) that they have invested their own time and money in (even now accomodating 4 used trainers after feedback that that was my chew toy of choice!).   It really is a great setup and one that the team should be very proud of,

They should be even prouder because for the 5 socials that have occurred so far this year, there has been no entry charge at all.    For the venue to bear the cost of this, and for the organisers to self-fund the cost of all the equipment is no mean feat.      Some fundraising initiatives took place at the latest event to attempt to refund some of the costs, the biggest of which appears to be the monthly van hire that is required to shift all of the equipment around for the weekend.

The event now has a solid set of pups and handlers that turn up each time to.    The first main events really had around 20-30 people, but the event in September just had around 100 attending on the main Saturday daytime.

Me and powpupSo, I arrived on Friday, with a friend and newbie to the pup-social, @powpup who I met when down at London fetish week.    We stayed in the travel lodge, although the IBIS budget appears to be where the pups prefer to stay (admittedly its around the same cost) but the IBIS also allow the booking of the rooms to be to put together on the same floor, so all of the pups feel safe.        The meet on the Friday night starts off in Eden, a bar that I absolutely love for the visits we’ve made several times for Midsbears or the new BFM night (review at a later date), and just their support of the gay community in Birmingham.    There’s a main bar, a great outside area (with undercover smoking roof) and a newly refurbished function suite (with stage) in the back (with its own outside area).      This month, the PS clashed with Midsbears so the group just met in the main bar and utilised the outside area, but it was great to see people arriving (not in pup gear) and to chat to them and get familiar with the organising team a little bit more.     i think attending any kind of event can be slightly daunting for a new person getting into something, so the ability to just turn up to a normal bar and have a beer on a Friday night is a great way to settle in for what will be a good weekend.       At around about 11, we then  transferred over to the upstairs of Boltz for what was briefly called an “after dark” session.   I’ll be honest, in that I wasn’t expecting this, but it did allow everyone to go and have some space of their own away from Eden to chill out a bit more.   But i didnt ascertain if this would normally happen on the Friday, or if it was just because we didn’t have use of the function room.

We stayed chatting and socialising with the pups and organisers there till around 2am, but then decided it was worth getting back to the apartment for some shut-eye.    Bossbear had asked if we wanted to attend a photoshoot the following day for some new events he was organising, which i was up for, but as it turned out, a late night got me totally shattered and I completely overslept missing breakfast and then had no idea where they were meeting (such a stupid dawg i am)

So we chilled out and then got ready for the PS main day which begins at 3pm in Boltz.   We arrived about quarter past and the event was already busy, everyone milled around saying hi and getting their gear on (for those that have it, but by no means is ANY gear essential which is why I really like the laid back attitude of this event).     There were a few complete newbies I spotted since the last PS and some regulars too.    The team allows everyone to get there before having a pup-briefing at 4pm.  The purpose of the briefing is to re-inforce the rules that the purpose of the event is social NOT sexual and to let everyone know any news of what’s happening about the future events.      At this event, there was a presentation with some news about PS events at a new venue next year (where they normally hold Gearblast) that will be mixed (allowing non male people to attend – currently a policy of the Boltz club that stops attendance) and at some other events where there will be an “PS Ignite” attendance with the PS team there to organise a mini pup social  within another event.   This is happening at BFM in Birmingham and also at the Kinksters KINK event held near to us in Tranmere, so I’ll provide an update on how it differs after that on 30th October.    The whole presentation is available from the website too, so that people who miss an event can attend.

In the SocialThen, the floor is opened for pups to play, with music playing, toys strewn across the floor, and people being social.   A small smoking area is available out on the roof, and the bar is available and open below in Boltz for refreshments.   There’s also a free BBQ, yep, thats right FREE BBQ provided too so that pups and handlers dont get too hungry during their play and play continues till around 7pm with a large balloon drop happening (of 100’s of balloons) that most pups really enjoy – unless you are scaredy dog like me and don’t like balloons exploding!  This month there were also some new Pupnosis sessions available for pups to try, however I believe the noise was a little prohibitive for some pups to get the full experience, but it shows that the team are trying and demoing new things, and when I’ve been there before there have been rope-tying demos for example.

Around 7.30, everyone got changed and headed out for something to eat at the Chinese restaurant.   I believe this is because the Boltz venue is free until late evening, and then pups need to exit, and re-enter.   Entry however is only £5 for the evening (discounted for pups), and again is called an “after dark” event, where the dress code is relaxed a little and pups can play a bit more.       I know there has been some uncertainty in the past in what is allowed and not allowed but I’d say that sex should be kept downstairs in the Boltz playroom and darkroom areas whereas some bondage and spanking gets introduced in the upstairs section during the evening.   Pups love getting tangled in rope, apparently 😉

The Chinese meal we all went for was great too.  Although everyone is changed out of their pup gear, the number of people allows Bossbear to get the private eating suite at the restaurant and so for an “all-you-can-eat” £15 fee pups all get to have as many snacks as they want!

So in the evening, we got to pup out even more, taking the opportunity after the meal to get changed again back in pup gear ( a little more fetish for me in my rubber gear) and head back for drinks.  Free shots were provided by the PS team in the upstairs area and the Boltz bar was available for other drinks required.    The disco still plays on and I got to chase quite a few pups trainers and socks during the evening session.

We got back to the room around 2am and had only a few hours kip before we met for the breakfast meet up on the Sunday morning.   All the pups gather in the Wetherspoons before they head home for breakfast.  The food there for breakfast is particularly good and cheap and the group is able to grab a load of tables together to chat about the previous night and also discuss future meet ups.    Again, this is great socially as it allows pups to organise their own meets, swap profile or contract details and then make their journey homewards on the Sunday.

In summary, I cant recommend the Pup Social enough.   For pups or handlers wanting to explore, its a great venue with a great team providing a comfortable atmosphere and some great fun for everyone.      I look forward to seeing how it evolves next month combining Mr Pup UK, and also how it evolves in its new premises next year.



A few more INNERPUP items

I’ve added a couple of extra Innerpup items into the store, as they are things that I wanted and I thought it may be nice to offer them out also.    For those wanting to show their pup side on the outside, there is now a pair of sports shorts and a t-shirt.     The shorts are available in multiple colours so should go with any outfit, and the t-shirt base colour can also be provided in a range of matching colours.      These are great for travelling to kink events and having over a rubber surf suit (which is why I wanted them) but a few people had been asking where I’d gotten my PUP Berlin T-shirt from, and I wanted to PUP uk shirt, so that people done assume that I’m German every time I go to kink events!

IMG_4682I’ll be adding a couple more tshirts over the next couple of weeks in the same style but with different wording.   If there’s anything you want to see with your own unique words (such as your own pupname or placename) then let me know and I’ll add it onto the store for you.      These t-shirts are a lot cheaper than tshirts bought from stores when you attend events!

Reveal your INNERPUP

Its not often that I am creative. I have such a logical mind, that I am good as solving puzzles or giving advice but I rarely create something (other than this blog).     Anyway, I had a good idea for underwear but with a nice tail on them too, for all the pup-lovers out there who want to have their tail on them at all times, and show off their #innerpup – Ive produced them in different colours for pups that wanna flag, and they’re available in black or white underwear (you can choose which when you select the tail colour)

To order click on the ZALO PRINT SHOP button at the top of blog site, or head over to 

IMG_4682I love these, as I’ve been able to wear them in the office, safe in the knowledge that my tail is beneath by trousers, wagging away.   It isnt a vinyl print, its actually a felt like print, so the tail feels furry to the touch.     So you can wear them under your jeans or at the same time they look good when just walking round the house in them.  They make an excellent gift for a master or handler to give to their pup as a present.      Any other suggestions for #innerpup items then let me know.      At some point i’ll get some other more attractive models to wear some pairs for me to promote them, but if you buy a pair, send me a pic of you in them so I can retweet!


Folsom Europe (Berlin) ’15

Well, another year and another Folsom is over and done with.  This year we had a week in the city of Berlin staying with 6 other guys.   We met up with Master Mac and Pup Parker again, and it was great to hang around with them for the week.     I didn’t get chance to play with Parker which is a shame and a regret, but I’m glad that they had amazing times in Europe.    I was glad @tazipup was there with me for the company too.

IMG_5031We mainly did the the bars and clubs this year avoiding the main parties, but again I have regrets about missing some of the things that I wanted to do.   I didn’t do the rubber party at Lab on the Saturday night, which sounded amazing.      I also didn’t do Qualgeist on the Sunday, opting to go to the Sports Cruise Sneaker party that was happening at New Action, but couldn’t get into a sub headspace with the predominantly younger crowd in there, and ended up just having a couple of guys at my feet for a while.   I was also pretty unimpressed with the Wednesday night pup gathering (so much so, it put me off attending Friday when I believe it was busier).  Maybe the Pup Social experience has spoiled me in terms of what to expect from a pup event.

IMG_5086I did really enjoy the time I spent in Woof! though this year (and outside of it on the Saturday).  I was unhooded for most of it, with just my leather bone for company and it was nice to get so many head scritches from all the passing bears.  It also allowed me to chase after the bartenders socks and trainers, when I wanted to 😉

It was good to meet up with the Tskinpack though on the Sunday for our annual get-to-gether and it was good to do some more sightseeing and I am really proud that I finally got to go up the Berlin TV tower and take some pics.          In all, I had a great trip but will definitely plan it differently with set event in the diary for next year.

London Fetish Week 2015

My blogs (Pt1 and Pt2) from last year’s Fetish Week London are still up here on the site (in August 2014 archives). I was calling it LFW back then (which as the hashtag on twitter was most definitely #FWL2015, I  was naming it the wrong way round!) .

Last year, there were parts of it I enjoyed but a few events that were disappointing or had issues. As the biggest gay men fetish event though in the UK, its still an event not to be missed. We had booked a room earlier in the year at the Travelodge in Vauxhall for the Friday and Saturday nights and I was happy that my 2nd handler Sir Darren @deadliftbear was going to be joining us for some of the weekend. I knew Taz @Tazipup was also staying in the same hotel, along with our friend Lanx @Lanx_pup, I was also looking forward to catching back up with the Tyke pack over the weekend in their home territory of London.

FWL2015 Thursday – Arrival & Sports Kit Night

IMG_4070I had been a bit disappointed with the sports-kit event last year and up until the last minute was not going to attend again, but having managed to get the Friday off, and then being able to book a cheap room in the Holiday Inn Express I decided to give it another go, given that it’s probably the only sports-kit night I’ve attended in the last year.

I was planning to go wearing my new rubber football kit, but after a horrendous drive into London after finishing work  and getting to the hotel at 9.45pm, I decided I was way too hot and bothered to go in rubber and that I’d wear my official England Rugby Gear instead.   It was a bit of a cop-out, but again, being on my own, my own fear and body issues kicked in without anyone behind me to push me into wearing it.   So i got into my rugby kit and walked the 10 mins down the road to the Hoist in my trackies.  Entry into the venue was totally fine this year, and they happily scanned my electronic ticket and there was no queue, except for when putting in your bags.   This is a problem with the hoist rather than the event though as there is only a small cloak room that you can fit 2 people in, so more staff wouldn’t make a difference in there.

I was glad to meet Tyke @tskinboot and Alex @superpup6901 as soon as I got in there and got a drink and caught up with Alex for a bit, but he had to shoot off as he was working the following day.   I then got introduced to Mike @littlepuptitch a great guy from Sheffield.  Its so nice when you meet sexy down-to-earth guys that look totally hot!    Tyke went for a wander and we followed, and after he found a nice space, I happily watched him bind up Titch.   He was wearing the most amazing wrestling suit, so it was obvious when he was enjoying himself 😉    Then, afterwards Tyke kindly roped me up too, and joy of joys then had me at his feet and socks for a play session, and I got to occasionally snog and have poppers.   Totally awesome time.

As the night got late, I stayed on for a drink (realising that I’d only had 1 pint all night when I arrived) and Mike and Tyke headed home.  Sat next to me was the most gorgeous guy in an Irish team rugby kit.   He looked like he was either knackered or totally inebriated, but sat on his own and occasionally cruising me.     I got a drink, came back from the bar, confirmed he was cruising me, and then was just wandering over when his boyfriend came out of the cruising area behind me and announced they were going home.   Damn.   It was late, I finished my beer, listened to the really good dance music, and then headed back to the Holiday Inn Express.    It had been totally worth coming up for kit party, and it will be a definite on the list next year, although I think I will invest in a lycra wrestling singlet, which appears to be the kit of choice.

FWL2015 Friday – Hanging around / Cake / Welcome / Eagle Bar

I had a solo breakfast that was included in the price of the Holiday Inn Express room on the Friday morning,  and then had to go through checkout and find parking for the weekend for my car.  In Vauxhall however, a lot of on-street parking is free over the weekend so I only needed to stash it somewhere until 6pm.IMG_4086  Having found somewhere I tubed it over to Soho to have a wander around before meeting up with Tyke, Darren and @wolvesperv for cake in a great little cafe/bakery in Soho.     Darren left work and met us there too, and it was  great afternoon catching up, and the quality of the cake was brilliant.   @wolvesperv was heading down to Brighton for the weekend and not staying in London, but Tyke and I then ventured to Comptons to meet Steve @kinkbikerlad afterwards and to catch the start of the Welcome party there before we arranged to meet later at Eagle because I had to go and meet Tony at the station and check into our Travelodge room (and move the car).

FWL_SohoSocial_CJP9168The Welcome party was well turned out, and it was good to meet up with Lanx and CJ there to say hello along with Echo and a few other friendly pups that I know.    For people who’ve never attended a Fetish Week event, its good to meet up in these informal settings when most people are in light gear as you can put names to faces to the Recon profiles that you’ve spoken to, but not met.    If you’re new to kink, arrange to meet a kinkster from Recon at next years Welcome event, as its the best thing you’ll do at the start of a weekend.

In the evening we headed to Eagle, which I still think is the best bar in London.    Darren met us at the hotel before we headed off there, and I met Taz and his foxy room-mate for the weekend, who joined us there.    It was a good night, but it was such a pity that Fetishbound had not fallen on the same night this year.    It was only later that I realised “Feet-on-Friday” had taken place at the same venue, which I would have gone to, but the rest of the group would have been bored!      We did meet 2 really cute and friendly pups in the Eagle, (TiedupRex & Subtracted) who I would love to know better at some point.  I managed to knick the trainers offa Rex and have a sniff before hiding his socks, which was fun.

FWL2015 Saturday – Breakfast, Darren, Regulation, Full Fetish

IMG_4088A nice late start to the morning saw us head to Starbucks to wait for Darren to arrive back with us (this time staying for the day and eve) and we planned to head over to Regulation with Taz too for the day, for perusing any items worth purchasing.   I’m still looking for a catsuit to replace the one that I’ve ripped the arm in.   I may just be being lazy as it probably can be repaired, but I’ve not tried yet, after the 1st repair using just a re-glue split.

IMG_4114We got the tube over to where Regulation was, and met Titch ‘s other half when we got there. It was good to meet Ian, and again I’d like to get to know these guys a lot more.   Regulation were demoing their vac cube, but it was more a vac coffin given its dimensions.    Titch was persuaded to try and got in, and although he was small and you couldnt see his head over the top, the cube was pretty good.  I still think its a pity he didnt make the Han Solo hands out in front stance given the cube dimensions 😉 –   Its made me want a cube of my own more for the playroom, although its a lot of money and I do wonder how many times I would get to use it, or use it on someone.    IMG_4105 Another highlight of the visit was getting Darren to try on some rubber for the very first time.  In the sale rack was a large pair of shorts for £25, an absolute bargain given the quantity of latex in them.     A quick fitting in the changing rooms revealed that they were way too big, but worth a try given the cost.      I’d love to see him in a full rubber suit, he would look so hot, but he is definitely a leather enthusiast and refuses normally to try on rubber.

We then decided to head over to Expectations to see what was on offer over there (Meeting Lanx and CJ over there too – small world!).    There were some nice pieces, but my purchases for the day just contained a purple leather cuff for Taz (its not often you see purple leather available in a shop) and some lube.   We grabbed something to eat over the road from Expectations in The Jones Family Project (which I can highly recommend if you are that way) with food that was stunning.

It was then back to the hotel to get ready for a quick nap and to get ready for the evening at Full Fetish.       I got changed into my new yellow surf suit and hood for the evening.       Both Sirs were in full leather gear for the evening, although jackets were left due to the expected heat levels.     We got a bus to the event, and on arrival I was greeted with the best view I could have wished for.  No queue.  Zero, zilch, not a sausage. zaldaddybearpic    I offered to hug the people on the door, purely because this was such a pain the previous year, but the venue obviously sorted it and very quick entry ensued where my electronic tickets were scanned, and then we were greeted with a great venue for the evening.        Our pics were taken on arrival, and the recon models were stood on a lovely revolving podium to perve at too.

It definitely wasn’t as busy as last year, but my first visit was to the pup area to see who was there, and have a play with the plethora of toys they had there, and with a few pups who were playing around there.    I got to meet up with Titch again and was introduced to his beta pup  Pao @Powpup  who was looking incredible in his leather pup hood and gear.    I really enjoyed playing with him on the night, and him and Titch are pups i’d very much like to spend more time getting to know, both incredibly sexy but genuine people too.

FWL_FullFetish_CJP1153The play areas in the event were pretty pawesome.     I still take a bit of issue to the bright idea of putting down astro-turf in the pup play area, as this ripped my knees to shreds, and meant pads were needed.    However there was an abundance of toys to play with.   The arches at the outside of the Coronet had a darkroom playspace, a bondage playspace and a watersports playspace set up, all of which were used for some great scenes I witnessed during the night.  I did get to play Puparoo with Sirs with all the toys, although i didnt get chance to pup out in the playspace with many pups that I knew, as they were all off being busy in other areas.       We left early because Darren was tired, and I sorta wish that I’d stayed longer as I’d have liked to pounce and play more with Taz on the night, but I had no idea how to get home on my own and so headed back.

FWL2015 Sunday – Leaving and my final thoughts…

coffeeshopWe had a late morning, checked out of the hotel around noon and went for a late breakfast at the “Coffee Shop”, a place under the arches of Vauxhall that serves great food and even better cakes that I partook of the largest donut to get my sugar levels back up before the drive home.    I left knowing that we would be missing the two parties on the Sunday night, both of which would have been great to attend, but I was in work at 9am on the Monday morning.

Lessons learned : Next year I will be taking off the Thursday to Monday to enjoy all the events and make the most of the entire weekend, as it is definitely my favourite UK based kink event.   I also learned that planning to meet up beforehand and play is probably the better solution to having a good time rather than turning up to an event and just seeing what happens.        I look forward to meeting up with old and new friends alike over the next year and this more me was the perfect warm up for Berlin and Folsom Europe in a few months time.

London Fetish Week (plans)

Its almost here, but we’ve only just finalised our plans for what we will be up to this weekend, so I thought I’d post up our thoughts (which may still be subject to final change!)

On Thursday, I will be in London solo, getting there around 9 and staying in the Holiday Inn Express but going to the Official Sports Kit party at the hoist from 10pm.     I’m tempted to wander to Eagle to see what their pup-play area is like for their Kink ‘Jocks’ night for a pint beforehand, but I think they’ll be charging to get in, so may just go straight to Hoist dependant on timing.

On Friday I’m around all daytime (although I have to transfer out of the Holiday Inn and into the Travelodge at some point) but am planning to meet up with Taz (when he arrives) and Darren (when he finishes work)  and Tony should get into London around 8pm.     Its likely we will just be hanging around the Eagle socially on Friday night for their Men Inc XXX night so come say hi!  I will try and make the Social in Soho and also meet up with @wolvesperv for cake!

Saturday daytime we’ll be making visits (and purchases) in Regulation and Expectations during the daytime and then heading over for birthday drinks with Superpup (Alex) and then onto the official Full Fetish party at the Coronet.  I’m praying that their queuing and bag check issues have been resolved this year (otherwise it will be the last we attend).

We will have a late breakfast/brunch on Sunday but then be heading back home afterwards as we both have work Monday.       It would be great to meet up with our friends and people we’ve chatted to but not met if you are around at all over the weekend, so please message/tweet and we can arrange to meet up.    Have a good weekend everyone!