About Me


I came out of my LTR in January 2017, and trying to discover who exactly I am as single person/pup.     In my mind, I want someone more dominant, caring, possessive of me and that finds me and my pup persona attractive both sexually and emotionally.   I thought I had that, but turned out I didn’t.

I would say that I am very kinky when it comes to playing.   I love being sensual during play, so am a big cuddler and kisser.   I love pretty much all kinks, but have a special fetish for sweaty socks & trainer play.  I am increasing my experience of puppy play  and meeting other beta pups.     Being asked to sniff sweaty socks and trainers, and also worship a guys feet will mostly switch me into submissive mode, but I do get off on having younger lads at my gym socks and trainers too.

My other (big) kinks include :

  • Leather
  • Rubber
  • Football & Rugby Kit
  • Army Gear
  • Watersports
  • BDSM

I’ll update this more over time, but please feel free to ask questions!